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Also, I bought 16 bars of Kinder and new brush pens today :3 Guess who’s gonna be doing some drawing once they’ve finished their papercutting project!? (FYI, If I ever say that I have Kinder, Just assume that I’m gonna be drawing. I always eat Kinder when I draw at home XD)



Okay so there’s a spambot/virus going around - new blogs, usually same icon; message only varies which game mentioned and company; different urls.

The url of this latest message I received was amusing. What was not was the second image, trying to ignore the blog and it targeting my own somehow. Thankfully though all asks to my main seem removed, going back to dashboard then inbox, they’re all there again, no apparent damage.

I’v got this TWICE now. Seriously people keep safe and don’t open blogs you don’t know or trust.

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